Why You Need a Criminal Defense Attorney


Being charged with a crime comes with it the huge possibility of being penalized or even serving time in prison. Obviously, you don’t want either of those to happen to you. If you are innocent the charges thrown at you, it means you need to fight until the last grasp of air. But then again, if you’re going to war, you need to bring with you the right weapon. You can’t settle for a knife when the battle is fought with guns. So, as someone charged with any kind of crime, you need a good criminal defense attorney by your side.

There are times when those charged with a crime can’t afford to hire their own lawyer, which means they have to go with a court-appointed attorney. But because you’re reading this article, it is safe to bet that you have sufficient income to hire your own lawyer. Obviously, the best thing about having to pick your own representation in a criminal court is that you likely will obtain the services of a highly competent legal professional.

But why do you need a criminal defense attorney when the law says you can actually defend and represent yourself in court? Well, for starters, this type of lawyer is unlike any other. They practice a branch or field of law that’s so complex and challenging that winning cases for the defense is in itself a very big achievement. Unlike a typical civil case, a criminal defense requires legal representation to be not just an expert in criminal law, but also someone who must be highly skilled in the aspects of investigation, research, and questioning. Simply put, this lawyer knows how to dig deeper on the facts of your case, which in turn is very important so that he or she can obtain evidence of your innocence, which later will be presented in court.

You need Greenville criminal defense lawyer because you’re the one being accused of a crime, simple as that. Although the burden to prove guilt is with the prosecution, you have to understand that you’re the one put at risk of getting imprisoned. And if you are innocent of the crime they charge you with, you need an experienced and committed defense lawyer to prove that in court.

Finally, even if you feel like you’re more than capable of defending yourself, you must understand that it’s not really smart to skip hiring a lawyer because of the fact that you’re too emotionally attached to it. How can you manage to be composed and focused in court if the prosecution is seemingly throwing all accusations and lies at you? With an experienced lawyer, you have someone who never will invest his/her emotions to the case, which means he/she will be focused on nothing else but proving your innocence. Know more about Chase Harbin.


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